About Metro Design Inc.

Metro Design, Inc. is a small, family operated manufacturer of high-end technical components and systems for companies globally.Our reputation for quality is internationally known and our dedication towards this effort is reflected in our quality policy, which states that "with continuous improvement efforts, we will meet or exceed our customers' requirements every time." Metro Design's success is based on integrity of business it's flexibility to remain on the cutting edge of the machining industry.

Metro Design, Inc. is currently a manufacturing company that specializes in two separate ventures. Prior to being the company we are today, we were originally known in 1982 as MetroTec, Inc. which hand designed and graphed Mylar printed circuitry boards. In 1984, through a buy-out process, Metro Design, Inc. became the exclusive marketer and manufacturer of a residual stress analyzing unit known throughout the world as Fastress®. Fastress® provides quality control capabilities during production runs of various types of metal components that are in need of stress data. Our industrial x-ray unit is non-destructive for most applications and is appealing to manufacturers who want instant stress data on work in process. The unit is also used in research and development. Ninety-five percent of Fastress® customers are Fortune 500 companies.

In 1996, Metro Design acknowledged the need for expansion. Our need for closely held machining tolerances during the manufacturing of the Fastress®, created an opportunity for MDI to potentially expand and market our tool room machining capabilities.

Metro Design became interested in a machined component market that required the use of CNC (computer numerical control) machinery. Once inspired, a decision to purchase our first CNC GT-27 lathe was made by the company president, Jeffrey Kraps. This decision has enabled us to expand and compete with other machining shops in the area. Our excellence in quality for machining ultra small, intricate, and highly sophisticated components has made our mark in this industry, and has made our company the progressive business we are today.