Unprecedented speed and accuracy with new
Video Alignment System

Also available with
Retained Austenite System

Automatic X-Ray Residual Stress Analyzer
Results are displayed directly on video monitor as operating parameters.

Non-Destructive for Most Applications
Positioning flexibility permits stress measurements on surfaces of large cumbersome components without dissection or destruction of residual stress fields or levels.

Provides Rapid Stress Gradient Profiles
Rapidity of measurements permits step-wise scan of surface area in order to locate surface stress gradients or show the nonexistence of such conditions.

Aids Study of Wear and Failure Analysis
Take guesswork out of determining direction of level of stresses at near potential areas of failure.

Provides Close Quality Control and Reduces Cost
Ease of specimen fixturing and speed of measurement provides critical data within minutes of produiction or continued processing.

Aids Material Selection and Plant Process Development
Confirms best selection of alloy, production parameters and confirms plant procedures for greatest cost savings and reliablity.